At, our team understands that your product is your livelihood and when freight is late, it creates a domino effect throughout your business.

Have you ever been exasperated when your freight is late for an extremely important production, one that is promotional for a new account? Has a logistic provider previously missed all of your detailed shipment requirements, leaving a client who is then frustrated with you? Well, you can count on our logistics team to give you peace of mind with products that arrive on time and in the proper condition. At, our team strives to do everything within our means to pick up and deliver your freight at the time you need it, with the requirements you ask for -- 24/7, 365 days a year. No excuses, only solutions. We understand the value of time, and just like you, we do not like to waste it.


Customer Loyalty Program

At, we understand the true meaning of the word "loyalty". That is why we offer our loyal customers to participate in the "Customer Loyalty Program." This program can be entirely custom tailored specifically to our clients' special needs.

Would you like us to volunteer or donate to the charity of your choice? Would you like for us to attend an event in your community? Or perhaps you would like to receive discounts on invoices on a monthly basis or receive discounts on future shipments?

Let's discuss what can do for you as an appreciation for your loyalty to our company.



We are currently in the process of developing our own easy-to-use application. This will allow shippers, carriers, and owner-operators to perform all of the day-to-day activities, and stay connected with the click of a button.

Stay Tuned!

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